Image of SnowPops Popsicles On Ice

Make your party pop

You need to throw a party with Snow Pops but wondering what to do? We’ve got you covered! Just look around here for some tips and inspiration.

Keeping Cool at the Pool, Patio or Beach

With a little bit of prep, you can make any party pops with Snow Pops Frozen Alcohol Pops! To keep your Snow Pops frozen for the whole party, a quick trip to your local grocer for some dry ice, some insulation (newspaper, cardboard, towel, etc) and a cooler is all you need.

Follow these steps from the experts over at Penguin Dry Ice to enjoy frozen alco pops all summer long! The Penguin link also details quantity of dry ice needed by cooler size. Generally, it’ll last you about 24 hours if you do it correctly.

Step 1: Place dry ice at the bottom of the cooler
Step 2: Add a layer of insulation (newspaper, cardboard, etc.)
Step 3: Add Snow Pops (lay flat)
Step 4: Add another layer of insulation
Step 5: Place dry ice on top and close cooler

What is the safest way to handle dry ice?

It’s pretty simple—just don’t touch it with your bare hands. Since dry ice can irritate your skin, avoid direct contact by using gloves, tongs or a towel whenever handling dry ice. Also, make sure the area is well-ventilated and the container you use isn’t an airtight one. For more helpful information about using dry ice carefully, read Penguin Dry Ice’s safe handling guide.

Snow & Seltzer- Your Newest Cocktail Craze

Need to up your game at the next party? Give your Seltzers a bit of punch by dropping a Snow Pop in. Whether you’re using unflavored hard seltzer or some suggestions from our Recipes page, your guests will be over the moon trying out this new slushy sensation. The fizz you get when you drop the pop is just an added ASMR bonus.

Snow Shots

Drop your fav Snow Pops in some rocks glasses and top it off with your favorite booze. Our Recipes page has a few options to try out. Contact us with your favorite pairing and we just might post it on our site to share with all other Snow Stans out there!

Post the pops

If you are storing Snow Pops in the freezer for your next shindig, be sure to put a sign on your fridge to let people know they’re frozen and ready to drink! A tabletop tent next to your beers, seltzers and wines lets the party know frozen cocktails are easy and ready to drink! We’ve got a few ready-made signs, but feel free to make your own!