Originals are often imitated

It all started in 2011, when we opened Snow & Co, a frozen cocktail bar in Kansas City, MO. We thought then, as we do now, that frozen cocktails could be better. They should taste good, be easy to make and easy to drink. We got some recognition for our approach and even wrote a book on making better frozen cocktails (check it out here if you’re interested in DIY frozen cocktails at home). You may see other cocktail pops in the market, but we’re one of the originals. And when you taste our SnowPops, you’ll see why we’re so often copied.

We specialize in ready-to-freeze cocktails that make any occasion easier for your frozen drink aficionados. On the plus side, you can enjoy your party instead of standing in front of a blender for hours. Our flavors speak for themselves, so check them out here or browse our site to learn how to make SnowPops part of every occasion. If you’ve got questions, check out our FAQs or shoot us your question directly.